I’m starting a blog about finding your creativity because I think it’s vitally important for each and every one of us to find a creative outlet, and use it regularly. 

Buckminster Fuller said that if each person contributed his or her unique gift, the world would be in perfect harmony. I think a key to finding and expressing our unique gifts can be found through creativity. Quoting songwriter Jonatha Brooke from her Art of the Song interview: “I think everyone is creative… creativity is just a matter of what you’re passionate about. It could be business, it could be law, it could be a doctor. Creativity is I think about passion.”  Many people think that you have to be an artist or musician to be creative, and that it’s an “airy-fairy” thing. I think creativity is a holistic way of thinking, a blending of the analytical with the inspired.

This blog will be a mixture of my own creative journey (musician, guitar maker, photographer, entrepreneur) combined with some of the wisdom I’ve gained through interviewing hundreds of creative people through the work with my beloved Vivian at Art of the Song Creativity Radio. I hope you’ll follow along and contribute any insights you might have on this wide-ranging and very important topic. It is my sincere hope that you will deepen your own creativity if you have found it; find it if you are still searching; or begin exploring if you didn’t think it was important before.


~ by John Dillon on April 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Creativity?”

  1. I have enjoyed photography for many years but found myself busy going to school, raising children and trying to make ends meet. My children are grown and now what was a serious hobby is now a passion. I consider the whole world my subject and do wedding and portrait photography as well as nature, landscape and wildlife. Human emotion, wildlife, trees, flowers, waterfalls and seasons, I see as gifts to revivify my sense of divinity and unite me with the nature of all things.
    All moments are different and the way I capture the blue of the winter snow on Mt. Manadnock; the black of a stream as it flows in winter, a lily on a summer day, the light, the cloud patterns and the expressions will never be the same. Whether I photograph nature, people or animals, I feel I many times capture an energy or an emotion that is intrinsically and universally understood.
    My creative vision whether it is conscious or unconscious creates a sort of guiding light or strong inspiration which allows me freedom of expression. Although it took me a long time to be aware of this, I agree with what you say, “Creativity is what you are passionate about.” Creativity happens when I am totally involved. When everything I am doing inside and out works together. It is a spiritual thing. I think Robert Frost said it perfectly in his verse “The Secret Sits” We dance around in a ring and suppose, But the secret sits in the middle and knows. It’s that middle thing for me. I found it in my passion for photography.

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