Internalizing Success

What a wonderful gig last night! I feel whole and complete. I am now a full-body performer. I sing with my whole body and it resonates throughout the room. I am truly present and in the moment. I am relaxed and confident as I deliver my message through song and story.

Lately I’ve been looking at my life in the context of meaning. I reflect on what is important: full self-expression, my good works, my family, my love in the world. What do I contribute that is meaningful? Am I a good father, husband, son, business partner?

My clear focus these days is bringing Art of the Song into financial sustainability. This is meaningful work… a legacy of making the world a better place. As I step into the role as leader I see that I can make a difference in the world and in my family. This is my commitment: to turn Art of the Song into a profitable business, and therefore serve others and provide for my family.

I have done the inner work. I have changed my “financial blueprint” for success. This is evidenced in my performing last night. As we discussed in our interview with the Rhythm Angels the other day, there are two parallel paths: self-development and the voice. As I work on my voice, my self-esteem increases… and as I work on my self through reading, meditating, prayer, therapy, etc., my voice gets stronger. This is what I experienced last night.

My breakthrough came a few days ago while doing the exercises in Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. I realized that my whole way of being around money was tied up in a childhood “program” of kids not liking me because I came from a family that had money and a successful business. However real or imagined, I internalized the message that it wasn’t good to have money (or a successful business, for that matter). This patterning has manifested in a life of not earning enough to pay my bills, and when I did earn well, I would squander the money on frivolous things.

I have now tracked my whole teen-age rebellion as a desperate attempt to find my true self. It was impossible for me to have an identity that was tangled up in this vision that people didn’t like me because of my family. I see that my whole rebellion was to shed this identity that (I thought) people didn’t like. I had no choice but to rebel.

The good news is that I now see with clarity what was subconsciously driving my whole way of being around money. I choose to let go of the “old program” and reaffirm that I love money and there is nothing wrong with having money. I can do good with money, and people will in fact like me whether I have money or not. I love my parents and truly respect them for nurturing a successful business and managing their money wisely. I now choose to see them as role models.

The bottom line is there is now nothing holding back my true success! I have re-created my inner patterning to earn and manage money wisely. Now, let’s get Art of the Song rolling into a successful business model!

Here’s an “affi-rhythm” that expresses my new identity as an alchemist:

I offer my talents

I’m rewarded seven-fold

Because I hold the perfect pattern

To turn lead into gold


I’m working on recording it, and will make available when ready!


~ by John Dillon on April 29, 2009.

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