My Book, My Life

I just finished writing a book. My very first book, The 20-20 Creativity Solution. I’m not exactly sure how it happened. I just woke up one morning after being told that having a book would help my speaking career, I and started. I signed up for a coaching program on how to write a book in 60 days. I was told to simply write a list of chapter titles and break those chapters down into subchapters heading. Then just write a subchapter each day. sounds pretty simple, right? Simple, but not easy. However, that was all I needed to get started… and perhaps getting started is the hardest thing. Once I got going, the book seemed to take on a life of it’s own.

I was at a dinner party the other evening and Joanne asked me how writing the book had changed my life. Well, that was an interesting question. I hadn’t really thought much about it, and I began to blurt out my thoughts. First of all, I said, the sense of accomplishment was major. I really feel good about myself having set a goal and completed it. But the real impact was how writing the book has helped me to put my whole life in perspective… to make some sense out of a life of divergent careers, hobbies, hometowns, and partners. And, finally it does make sense.

The book is about creativity. Imagine that! I took the knowledge that we’d gained from the hundreds of Art of the Song interviews we’ve done over the last six years, and wove it in and around the story of my own creativity. How it started, where it was lost, and how I got it back.

The major impact of writing the book was coming to understand that all of my varied occupations over the years were involved with creativity in some way, whether it was exploring my own creativity or providing tools for others to express their creativity. My first career as an electrician was basically running wires and installing lights and appliances to take very powerful and potentially dangerous electrical energy and making it useful, much in the same way an artist takes the creative energy and channels it into a work of art. I was always interested in music and guitar playing, but had a hard time figuring out how to make a living at it. So, I learned how to build guitars and made a living at that for a number of years. Guitar making was both a creative endeavor for me, and I was able to provide instruments for other players to express their creativity. I also spent a decade or so in my family’s wholesale floral business. Through the process of writing the book, I realized that I was actually providing materials and support for floral designers to express themselves creatively. Then, of course, Art of the Song was and is a more direct way of both expressing my own creativity and of helping listeners like you to learn and develop your creativity.

So what I learned explaining this to friends around the dinner table was that, hey, my life does make some kind of sense! And that is a wonderful thing to know.


~ by John Dillon on March 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “My Book, My Life”

  1. Congratulations! I’d love to read it, can I buy it somewhere?

  2. Yeah! congrats! Its sound interesting…

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